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Protective Behaviours

What is Protective Behaviours?

Protective Behaviours is a practical approach to personal safety. It is a process that helps individuals to recognise and trust their intuitive feelings (Early Warning Signs) and to develop strategies for self-protection. Children identify a network of adults that they can talk to for help when they don’t feel safe or are worried about something.  

How does it work at school? 

The children will participate in a series of age appropriate lessons within school. The themes and messages from the programme will be reinforced throughout the school year and link very closely to our Jigsaw PSHE programme. 

 There are two themes in Protective Behaviours:

- We all have the right to feel safe all the time

- We can talk with someone about anything, even it it feels awful or small 

Useful information and links for parents:

We all have the right to feel safe - booklet for parents

Practical advice for keeping children safe - poster

'Let's Talk' magazine - info about using the right language with children and talking about feelings